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The Metal Drawer

The idea, the design and the creation of a revolutionary product

The new Tecsal drawers are the result of a long in-depth study process leading to the creation of a revolutionary product. Metal drawers are made in a single production phase using just one mould.

A patent that reduces production costs and allows us to offer a very competitive price

Tecsal metal drawers replace traditional PVC drawers and are sturdier, more stable and more durable, as well as accessorizable.

They confer more value upon pedestals, utility units and office furniture, transforming them into practical, valuable and quality items that will last in time.


Materials, technology and finishings make Tecsal drawers top quality and long-lasting.


High load capacity

Sturdy metal and stable, smooth slides account for Tecsal drawers’s high load capacity.


Strong competitiveness

The presence of an open side during transport reduces the drawers’ stacking volume for lower transport...


Accessorizable drawers

Tecsal metal drawers are accessorizable and permit a wide range of storage solutions.



Tecsal selective drawer opening system prevents pedestal tilting so that it is in compliance with current...